A leading Bitcoin trading company who have a huge customer based and market share. This company was in need of a content development partner with an international expertise  to quickly scale content production such as multilingual web content,  SEO-optimized articles on their website for 23 locales, with strict criteria for both SEO and content creation. 

The client was in need of expanding their services all around Europe and Asia, they have a well established website in US and UK. The challenge in Europe and Asia was the diversity of languages and people love to read and know informations in their own languages.  

We built a strategic yet continuous enterprise content production workflow including SEO parameters in place such as keywords and optimized articles and scaled the results within three months and delivered engaging and informative content with a heavy focus on the usage of diverse and inclusive language, which were core values of our customer.

  • Multilingual Web Content 
  • Content for Guest Posting
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Writing 
  • Translations and Localisation

What we did?

Digital. Content. Branding. Social. SEO.

Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200% now

  • Enhanced content  marketing and boost online visibility with helpful Content 
  • Localisation enabled to drive geo based target audience in bulk
  • Content in 23 language variants 
  • SEO optimization for each local language

THE Plan

Our team focused on helping the client achieve these goals over 6 months with the following strategies:

  • Publishing timely, SEO-based (of course, user intent) articles that would attract immediate attention during popular and hot topics on marketing services.
  • Filled the site with evergreen articles related to great aspects of SEO that would provide priceless knowledge over time.
  • Being acutely aware of trends and quick to create content that would maximize not just the website’s reach but will enhance users’ knowledge.
  • Creating content with almost high-arousal sentiments – such as curiosity, interest, and confidence – that would be appealing to Stan venture’s target audience.
  • Developing content that would be appropriate to a wide audience by relating to SEO and its’ trends.


The strategy was touching all the aspects of digital marketing best practices. 

We’ve used international content strategy for boosting the engagement and customer aquisition. We’ve commenced attempting & posting compelling content in all required languages combining it with SEO factors and best practices to make it more aligned for search engines and targer customers. 


Organic Conversions


Quality Leads/month


New Visitors


Growth Rate


  • Attracted over 20k new users within months through content marketing and international SEO.
  • 20,000+ users landed on the landing page of the website to get info.
  • Compelling content marketing forwards the brand and ahead in an overcrowded marketplace. Tried many interactive content marketing formats like link building, blog writing, and more than generating leads for the website.
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