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A leading technology education organization was looking to enhance its brand value and drive organic traffic. They facilitate the entry of outstanding software engineering talent into international tech careers via full-time remote work. The company is focusing on enhancing the skills of India’s five million software developers and matching them with the world’s leading technology corporations. Their objective is to transform the worldwide software engineering compensation structure into a meritocracy, regardless of a person’s place of birth.

Scope of Activities

CRO | A/B Testing | Web Content | Landing Page Optimization
 Social media | Content Marketing | SEO
E-mail marketing | Reactive Digital PR

Digital. Content. Branding. Social. SEO.

Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200%

  • Accelerate the growth of the client’s website
  • Substantially maintain client non-branded keyword search effects.
  • Create an improved user experience on an existing web property
  • Optimize paid search digital marketing strategy


Although overall brand awareness for Ziniosedge was strong, its digital marketing and SEO divisions faded behind the rest of the brand’s line. The client’s previous service provider failed to strategically integrate digital marketing best practices into the client’s SEO solutions, resulting in search engines’ incapacity to efficiently crawl the client’s web pages. Moreover, it was decided that the digital web effects are an extremely complicated interface that prevented actionable user online activity, including post demands, thereby missing beneficial opportunities for user retention and conversion growth on digital platforms.

The Funnel

  1. Awareness ( With a broad view): The first step in the funnel was to create awareness about the ed-tech start-up among potential users. This was  done by optimizing the website for search engines using SEO techniques such as user-intent based keyword research, , and HQ backlinks. Additionally, we created create and share valuable, informative content on the website and social media channels to educate potential users about the benefits of their tailormade online course and how the start-up’s platform can help them achieve their career goals.

  2. Interest: Once potential users were aware of the company and the course they offers, the next step was to generate interest in the platform. Creating engaging and informative blog posts, infographics, videos, and other types of value adding contents that provide a deeper understanding of the platform and its features we designed the trigger funnel. 

  3. Evaluation: In this step, potential users were evaluating the companies’ platform and deciding whether or not to sign up. To help with this decision, we create case studies, testimonials, and other forms of user-generated content to showcase the success of other users and the value that the platform can provide.

  4. Sign-up: In this step, we designed a top-noth UX copywriting methodology to drive the potential users to encourage themselves to sign-up for the platform by providing a clear call-to-action on the website and in marketing materials. Offering a free trial, a limited-time offer, and other incentives to encourage users to take the next step and sign-up.

  5. Retention: Finally, twe worked out a unique Lifecycle marketing campaign to retain users by providing excellent customer service, gathering feedback and using it to improve the platform, and leveraging email marketing to keep users engaged and informed about new features and promotions. By utilizing SEO and content marketing, the start-up we could create an organic user sign-up funnel that effectively educates potential users, generates interest and trust in the platform, and ultimately drives sign-ups and long-term user retention.


The strategy was touching all the aspects of digital marketing best practices. 

  1. SEO Techniques: We optimized their website for search engines by incorporating target keywords,  and other SEO best practices such as onpage seo, structured data, internal linkings and much more. This led to an increase in organic traffic, resulting in a 25% increase in website visitors.

  2. Leverage Influencer Marketing: We partnered with influencers in the education space and had them promote the platform to their followers, which resulted in a 20% increase in website visitors.

  3. Create valuable content: We created goal oriented blogs and article covering the topic clusters that share valuable information and tips about their online course, which attracted a lot of students looking for information about online education. This led to a 15% increase in website visitors.




Quality Leads


New Visitors


Growth Rate


The deployment of our action plan resulted in a powerful growth in digital awareness of all their services. Overall user engagement with the website was enhanced remarkably, with a demands increasing by 40%. Also, the strategy reduced cost per conversion by more than 200%.

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