200% Business Growth in 1 year

MedhaHosting.com is a leading provider of web hosting and domain registration services. As a growing business, MedhaHosting.com was looking to increase their online presence and drive more traffic to their website. In order to achieve this goal, they enlisted the help of our team for a 360 degree organic growth marketing campaign. The campaign was designed to improve the company’s search engine rankings, increase brand awareness, and drive more targeted traffic to the website

Scope of Activities ​

Search Engine Optimization | Techical Optimization | Digital PR | CRO
 Social media | Content marketing | Email marketing | PR Media Outreach 

Digital. Content. Branding. Social. SEO.

Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200%

The Journey with MedhaHosting is still as exciting as it was in the beginning. Because we build it from the scratch. 

  • Accelerated the growth of the client’s website
  • Fixed 100+ technical SEO issues with permanent dev fix.
  • Substantially maintain client non-branded keyword search effects.
  • Create an improved user experience on an existing web property
  • Optimize paid search digital marketing strategy

The Challenge

The top players have dominated the cloud hosting market with similar web hosting services. Due to increased competition, it was more challenging for Medha Hosting to run a profitable web hosting business. It is not easy for new businesses to stand out from the competition despite offering better hosting deals for their customers. 

Some of the challenges in front of us were:

  • Declining monthly traffic
  • Poor conversion and user engagement
  • The website was not SEO friendly 
  • Technical errors in website
  • Declining online visibility 
  • Only 55 of the keywords were ranking

These factors must be treated properly; otherwise, their internet reputation may be harmed, resulting in business loss. When the company contacted us, we conducted an SEO analysis of the entire website and reviewed all of the problems with them. We informed our client about the technical issues with their website and the steps we would take to resolve them. They were impressed by our team’s experience and transparency in this field.



The strategy was touching all the aspects of digital marketing best practices. 

Many web hosting companies struggle to reach their target audience and ultimately miss out on potential revenue. Factors such as poor marketing strategies, underestimating competition, inadequate planning, and poor customer service can contribute to this issue. To combat these challenges, our team developed a comprehensive and consistent marketing plan to expand the company’s reach and boost revenue. The organic marketing plan we implemented helped increase website traffic, raise brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

As part of our SEO and content marketing strategy, we executed various tactics such as creating and publishing high-quality marketing materials, informative blog posts and guides related to their services, guest blogging, media buying, and public relations campaigns.

We recognize that digital marketing is heavily reliant on the production, distribution, and promotion of valuable and relevant content. Therefore, we focused on creating and publishing 600+ new pages of content and implementing SEO best practices, resulting in a 6,000+ monthly visitors increase in just one year.

600 new content pages + SEO + 1 Year = 7k+ visitors/month




Quality Leads


New Visitors


Growth Rate


Regular blog publishing (Content Publishing Velocity) on the website has been a key strategy in improving Medha Hosting’s search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility on search engines. Our content creation team strategically crafted content that had the potential to attract visitors and convert them into leads. By consistently publishing blog posts, Medha Hosting was able to maintain an active online presence and stay connected with their audience. This approach also allowed the client to save on ad spend and avoid the costly trial and error process of running ads, training their team, and investing in content uniformity. Additionally, by outsourcing their content production, Medha Hosting was able to focus on more pressing tasks such as closing deals and attracting investors.

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