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Applexus is a global technology and innovation company that provides business consultation, SAP solutions, and products to customers in various industries, including retail, fashion, and consumer goods. We empower smarter business processes by altering end-user experience, offering actionable business intelligence, or satisfying the functional demands you pose by delivering on the promise of the intelligent enterprise through revolutionary business solutions and products.

Applexus InSITE goes beyond the typical accounts payable process to streamline vendor invoice processing from receipt to posting while addressing exceptions and approvals, thanks to its simple setup and low maintenance costs.

Digital. Content. Branding. Social. SEO.

Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200%

  • Accelerate the growth of the client’s website
  • Substantially maintain client non-branded keyword search effects.
  • Create an improved user experience on an existing web property
  • Optimize paid search digital marketing strategy


After a thorough analysis and gathering sufficient stats, we found that the consulting firm did not have any marketing resources. Applexus mostly invested in paid marketing and didn’t have a powerful website. The client needed a content-first approach to developing a sales and marketing basis for the organization. They were looking for a result-oriented content marketing strategy that could help them build a sales pipeline and build brand awareness. Sales material and content for product launches were among the requirements.

In addition, the customer lacked any active digital marketing strategy and relied primarily on referrals and outsourced appointment scheduling services. We looked at the options, return timetables, and budgets and decided that building a digital marketing and content strategy would be the most prudent because Applexus wanted to get more aggressive with its growth.


We have touched all the aspects of niche content marketing best practices. 

As a niche market and high value market, we had to go the extra mile to strategise  a working roadmap for the company. To establish a strong knowledge base and identity we designed a expert-evel though leadership content marketing campaign with SEO in place. Gradually high value money keywords are started ranking and we executed a ideal media buying plan on the go.


High Ticket Conversions


Quality Leads/year


New Visitors/month


Growth Rate (overall)


After successfully implementing our digital marketing and content plan, the client was surprised to see the results. Year over year, internet marketing initiatives began to generate more online sales soon after a month. Applexus also witnessed a growth in organic traffic on their website, which was constantly increasing weekly. The results were impressive enough that they decided to expand their digital marketing resources, create specialized PPC landing sites, and start blogging regularly. After a couple of months, the sales pipeline of Applexus is well-established and capable of providing advantages well into the future.

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