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Ziniosedge had a prospect to rely on us to create and manage all digital advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Video Marketing and Social Ads), as well as to guide search engine optimization (SEO) strategies aimed at enhancing brand positioning, increasing brand visibility online, and raising awareness within the market. Ultimately, the objective was to secure incremental revenue increases for the company, quarter by quarter, using a mix of paid digital advertising strategies, email marketing and SEO.

We started by collecting the data on each service and rounding up all of the website pages. We then conducted a full site audit. Also, analyzed the target audience and optimal advertising channels. This research phase led to the discovery that there were multiple issues with hundreds of pages and listings that we have improved with our aptitude.

Catapult Brand Demand with Strategic Content Marketing

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Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200%

  • Accelerate the organic growth of the client’s website
  • Substantially maintain client non-branded keyword search effects.
  • Create an improved user experience on an existing web property
  • Optimize paid search digital marketing strategy


Although overall brand awareness for Ziniosedge was strong, its digital marketing and SEO divisions faded behind the rest of the brand’s line. The client’s previous service provider failed to strategically integrate digital marketing best practices into the client’s online marketing activities. The website was poorly optimized with confusing web structure and heavy pages. Moreover, it was visible that the website has a extremely complicated interface that prevented actionable user online activity, including load speed, thereby missing beneficial opportunities for user retention and conversion growth.

The Funnel

  1. Awareness:
  • PPC Advertising: Rolled put a SEM campaign with targeted keywords and engaging ad copies to drive traffic to the website and landing page.
  • SEO: Optimized website content, meta tags and backlinks to improve search engine visibility.
  • Video Marketing: Create engaging videos explaining the services offered by Ziniosedge and share them on relevant platforms.
  • Email Marketing: Send newsletters and promotional emails to subscribers with information about the services offered.
  1. Interest:
  • PPC Advertising: Offered free trials or demos to interested users who click on the ads and direct them to a specific landing page.
  • SEO: Created valuable blog content and optimize landing pages to answer queries and provide solutions to potential customers.
  • Video Marketing: Created case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients and share them on video platforms and the website.
  • Email Marketing: Send personalized emails and offers to prospects who have shown interest in the services.
  1. Decision:
  • PPC Advertising: Used retargeting ads to bring back users who have shown interest but not converted into customers.
  • SEO: Optimize landing pages and website content for conversions, and include calls to action to encourage visitors to take action.
  • Video Marketing: Created explainer videos and demos to show how Ziniosedge’s services can solve specific problems.
  • Email Marketing: Send exclusive offers and discounts to potential customers to encourage them to make an action.
  1. Action:
  • PPC Advertising: Use targeted landing pages and clear calls to action to encourage users to sign up for services or make an action.
  • SEO: Optimized deal closing pages and reduce friction in the closing process to increase conversions.
  • Video Marketing: Created tutorials and how-to videos to help customers get started with the services.
  • Email Marketing: Send welcome emails and follow-up emails to encourage repeat business and build long-term relationships.


The strategy was touching all the aspects of digital marketing best practices. 

Because full-scale PPC advertising was not an economical option for this digital service provider, the focus was also placed on organic search and a solid SEO strategy in parallel. The strategy of action concerned a complete web property restructure and code adjustments, with major changeovers to the website information architecture to facilitate proper indexing and search crawling, to increase the growth of online digital platforms. A new content campaign was also formulated to improve user engagement and encourage brand awareness across new digital platforms. We moved to optimize the client’s paid search account and purify their overall SEO strategy. The client’s web interface was also retooled to facilitate enhanced user activity and consultation requests




Quality Leads


New Visitors


Growth Rate


The deployment of our action plan resulted in a powerful growth in digital awareness of all their services. Overall user engagement with the web property was enhanced markedly, with consultation demands increasing by 40%. Also, the strategy reduced cost per conversion by more than 100%.

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