176% Increase in Organic Traffic for an AI-Crypto Trading App

Boosted Staffino.com’s Organic Traffic by 250% and Increases Sales by 46%

Staffino.com, a customer experience (CX) management company, partnered with Algorithmc.com for their content marketing services. The results were remarkable, with a 250% increase in organic website traffic and a 76% growth in annual sales. Staffino.com was able to establish themselves as a thought leader in the CX industry, and their success can be attributed to Algorithmc.com’s expertise and personalized approach to content marketing.

We started by collating the data on each service and rounding up all of the website pages. We then conducted a full site audit. This research phase led to the discovery that there were multiple issues with hundreds of pages and listings that we have improved with our aptitude.

The Scope of Activities

Search Engine Optimization | Content Optimization | Digital PR | Social media  | Content marketing | Email marketing 

Digital. Content. Branding. Social. SEO.

Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200%

  • Accelerate the growth of the client’s website
  • Substantially maintain client non-branded keyword search effects.
  • Create an improved user experience on an existing web property
  • Optimize paid search digital marketing strategy


Staffino was facing difficulties in attracting and retaining visitors to their website. Despite offering innovative CX solutions, their online presence was not reflecting their capabilities. They needed to increase their website traffic and position themselves as a thought leader in the CX industry to drive more sales and establish their brand.


The strategy was touching all the aspects of digital marketing best practices. 

Staffino partnered with us to improve their content marketing strategies. Algorithmc.com conducted an in-depth analysis of Staffino.com’s target audience, competitors, and the CX industry to create a customized content marketing plan. The team at Algorithmc.com created high-quality, informative blog posts, infographics, and videos that not only educated the target audience about CX but also highlighted Staffino.com’s expertise and solutions.




Quality Leads


New Visitors


Growth Rate

We were impressed with Algorithmc.com's deep understanding of our target audience and the CX industry. Their content marketing strategies have been instrumental in driving more traffic to our website and converting those visitors into paying customers. We highly recommend Algorithmc.com to any company looking to boost their online presence and sales
CMO, Staffino


The results of Algorithmc.com’s content marketing services were outstanding. Staffino.com experienced a 250% increase in organic website traffic, with a significant portion of the visitors staying on the site for longer periods. This resulted in a 46% growth in annual sales, as more visitors were converted into paying customers. Furthermore, Staffino.com’s online presence improved significantly, and they were able to establish themselves as a thought leader in the CX industry

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