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The Ecommerce Company is a medium-sized online retailer that offers a wide range of organic products and supplements across the DACH Region. The company was founded by a team of experienced ecommerce professionals who saw a need for high-quality and affordable organic health supplements in edible forms.

When the company first launched, it struggled to attract and retain customers in the DACH region organically, as the ecommerce market was crowded and competitive for organic foods. The startup had a limited budget for marketing and advertising, and it needed to find a cost-effective way to generate consistent  sales.

We started by collating the data on each products and rounding up all of the website pages. We then conducted a full site audit. This research phase led to the discovery that there were multiple issues with hundreds of pages and product listings and hundrers of untapped opportunities by implementing a dynamic content marketing and SEO effort. 

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Scope of Activities

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Scale Your Brand Growth Rate to 200%

we created a action-packed content marketing as well as organic marketing funnel to hit the KPIs as fast as possible 


  1. High competition in the organic product ecommerce market: The organic product industry is a highly competitive market, with many established players and new entrants vying for market share.

  2. Limited budget for marketing and advertising: As a small, startup brand, we had a limited budget for marketing and advertising. 

  3. Limited resources for SEO and content creation:  It was challenging to create high-quality content and optimize our website for search engines. This made it difficult to drive organic traffic to our site.

  4. Difficulty in building trust and credibility: As a new brand, it was difficult to establish trust and credibility with potential customers.

  5. Difficulty in tracking and measuring success: With a limited budget and resources, it was challenging to track and measure the success of our organic growth efforts. 

The Funnel

  1. Product Awareness: This stage was all about getting potential customers to become aware of the brand and its range of organic products. For example,  blog posts, social media posts, infographics, and videos that educate people about the benefits of organic food supplements and the problems that they can help solve.

  2. Consideration: People were started getting aware of the brand and products, the next step was to get them to start considering purchasing its products. In this review we pushed the campaign to communicate how the product are used by other users leveraging product reviews, testimonials, case studies, and comparison guides.

  3. Conversion: In this stage, the goal was to convert potential customers into paying customers. Here we rolled out special offers, discounts, and detailed product descriptions with its benefits from all angles .

  4. Loyalty: Once customers have made a purchase, the next step is to keep them coming back for more. To make it happen we strategized a lifecycle marketing loop with email newsletters, loyalty programs, and prompt customer service.


The strategy was touching all the aspects of digital marketing best practices. 

Organic Marketing Strategy:

  1. Utilized SEO best practices to improve their website’s search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find the brand online.

  2. Ran a reactive digital PR campaign to boost offpage SEO and ranked 800+ keywords on the first page/first positions in DACH search market.
  3. Leverage influencer marketing by partnering with influencers and Media Houses in the health and wellness space to promote the brand’s products and reach a wider audience.

  4. Create and share valuable, informative content on the brand’s website and social media channels as well as Health Magazines to educate potential customers about the benefits of organic food supplements and how they can improve their overall health.

  5. Executed campaigns on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to connect with potential customers, answer their questions, and build relationships.

User Retention Strategy:

  1. Offered loyalty program to reward repeat customers and incentivize them to continue purchasing the brand’s products.

  2. Set up email marketing to keep customers informed about new products, deals, and promotions.

  3. Offered exceptional customer service to address any issues or questions customers may have.

  4. Continuously gathered customer feedback and use it to improve the brand’s products and overall customer experience.

  5. Used remarketing techniques to target past customers with personalized and relevant offers and campaigns to encourage repeat purchases.

  6. Created a community around the brand by encouraging customers to share their experiences and connect with each other on social media and other online platforms.



Ranking Keywords


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Traffic Jump


Growth Rate


The deployment of our action plan resulted in a powerful growth in digital awareness of all their services. Overall user engagement with the web property was enhanced markedly, with consultation demands increasing by 40%. Also, the strategy reduced cost per conversion by more than 200%.

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