Can AlgorithMc just optimize all of our content at once?
While this is possible, we don’t typically recommend it. Optimization and maintenance is an ongoing process. Even if we optimized everything at once, there would be a need moving forward due to constant changes in competition and search intent alignment. Certain situations could warrant this, so we’re always happy to chat.

Does AlgorithMc optimize all types of content or just blog posts?
We put a large emphasis on blog content due to the ability to be highly targeted and capture traffic from a large number of keywords, but we work with other types of content and factor in how the blog content fits in with your product/service pages, video, and social.

What kind of companies do you work with?
‍We primarily work with B2B companies, but our services fit well with any company that relies heavily on organic search and is committed to growing traffic and conversions via blog content.

What is required of us to work with AlgorithMc ?
It is ideal when we can get access to your Google Search Console and web analytics, but that isn’t a dealbreaker if you don’t have one or both. Outside of that, you just need to have a writer or writing team that can create content outlined in our content briefs. The rest is on us!

Can you recommend writing services or freelance writers?
Yes! We have worked with a number of platforms, services, and freelance writers over the years and can make recommendations.

How quickly can we expect results?
If you are needing a ‘quick fix’ for traffic or conversions, our service probably isn’t for you. We work with you to help improve performance and build a solid portfolio of content on your site that ranks and drives results, but builds over time, not overnight.

How long does it take to get started?
From the time we kick off, we typically have the first set of briefs to you within 14 days. We work quickly so that you can start getting new or optimized content live within the first month. Some customers see improved performance within just a few days of publishing the first piece and others are longer.

How do you know how which topics are relevant to our audience?
We do a comprehensive kick off and our own research of your industry and competitors before getting started. We’ll get an understanding of what it will take for your company to be competitive and align with you to make sure we’re all on the same page before anything gets created.

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